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We at Mould Studio, take great pride in the craftsmanship of our
products, and the attention to detail with which they are designed.
With every new product collection, we bring to you a story told in
the form of an object, that adds that piece of art in your every day

The credentials of our brand stands out due to our in-house timber
unit. We at Mould know our wood well, and make sure the best quality
and type of wood is used that makes the design speak louder.
With an attempt of marrying the craft of moulding wood, to a modern
day taste we present to you Mould Studio.

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Our Story dates back to 1960, when our parent company specialised
in creating mouldings in solid teak wood. Balusters, Handrails,
Cornices, Frames were honed to perfection in our workshop everyday.
With the rise of utilitarian functional furniture that suit the
demands of our modern lives, our furniture requirements changed from
ornamental to functional, reducing furniture to flat standardised
sometimes characterless pieces. One exactly like the other. Wood as
a material, innately allows each product to look different, telling
a different story everytime.
While our modern day requirements changed, our hands that moulded
wood continued to remain just as skilled. We aim to culture these
skills that are so rich in the Indian context and use them to make
mould relevant even today.

About Us: About Us


Mould Studio is founded by Noopur Sejpal, an Architect by profession
with a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Mumbai. She runs her own landscape

and architecture design consultancy practise called Sejpal and Parekh Associates.
Through her practise she realised the gap that exists between the craftsmen and the

end user in the field of furniture. Well detailed furniture is more often than not inaccessible

for people building their homes.
Through Mould Studio, she aims to bring the skills of these worksmen to the front,

while making products that are practical with a hint of the old-world charm.

About Us: About Us
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